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"Wait, could we invite Santa over? He's sleeping! You're full of BUTT, Clement!"


Clement Frost is the first Father Winter of the series. He first appeared in Pilot when he stood by Chelsea's side so she would not be alone in Winterfest during her first pregnancy. In Traumatizes Her Kids, Kelsey found him creepy while talking to Blarffy alone with Charlie in the toddler room. Hence, in Tries for Triplets, Kelsey clarified that she would never try for babies at all, despite popular fan demand.

He last appeared in the StrangerVille spin-off in which Kelsey struggled to recruit him in assisting Jaime to kill the Mother Plant.


  • Clement is not an occult. Contrary to a misconception within Kelsey's Sims community, the Father Winter is a role Sim and not a life state.
    • A role Sim is a type of NPC generated in the game save to perform specific background characters. Examples of role Sims are paparazzi, Father Winter, Sage of Practical Magic, Sage of Untamed Magic, and Grim Reaper.
    • A life state is a classification of a Sim's identity. Examples of life states in The Sims 4 are vampires, mermaids, spellcasters, and aliens.
    • Father Winters like Clement possess the hidden trait trait_HolidayTradition_FatherWinter that renders them immune to death in any form.

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