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"Welcome to house hunters! I'm your host, Kelsey Impicciche, and let's look at some beautiful homes — that's my audition if I was on, like, an HGTV show."

—Kelsey's intro

Single Girl Picks a Fan's House for Her 100 Babies in The Sims 4 is the eighth episode of the third season of Kelsey Impicciche's 100 Baby Challenge LP. It premiered the BuzzFeed Multiplayer YouTube channel on November 7, 2020.[1] In this episode, Kelsey chose a house for the Impiccishmay family among the fan-submitted builds from the Gallery.

List of fan-submitted houses[]

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Thumbnail Lot name Creator Result
66 1 Large Modern Farmhouse letmeplay572.jpg Large Modern Farmhouse letmeplay572 Trait TS4 Kindness Ambassador.png
This large but homey house is perfect for raising lots of kiddos (100?...). It has three spacious rooms on the ground floor for tods, kids, and teens, and a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom upstairs. The backyard is full of lots of fun activities and skill builders for any sim.
66 2 Bohemian Beach House HIGHER-DESIGN.jpg Bohemian Beach House HIGHER-DESIGN Holiday TS4 New Skill Day.png
I know a three story home may seem overwhelming for a #100babychallenge, but this bright and clean beach home offers all the accomodations you'll need for an easy-play experiance. With a boho-scandinavian design, this lot features a formal main floor, along with a second floor for the kiddos, and a ground level for matriarch, baby, and todds. Best placed on 'Kahananui' residenance, Sulani. Enjoy!
66 3 Kelly's Quaint Cottage MaureenKeagan.jpg Kelly's Quaint Cottage MaureenKeagan Trait TS4 Kindness Ambassador.png
This is Kelly's new and improved cottagecore home. Plenty of space for the Impiccishmays to cause mayhem and run rampant. Has room for the toddlers and the rest of the family, with a nice treehouse for the kids to get away fromtheir hectic familt. Fruit and veggies have been planted to help with the forever growing family.
66 4 KELLYS NEW PLACE 2 woohoo lauraferrarih.jpg KELLYS NEW PLACE 2 woohoo lauraferrarih Trait TS4 Kindness Ambassador.png
This badass home belongs to a baddie! Its architectural modern design is perfect for a young mom who is living her best life. There is plenty of space for all the kids and their ghost relatives. Since Kelly likes to "lend" things from others, there is a special, secret room at the very top of the building where she can keep her trasures.
66 5 Kelly's 100 Baby House Kadu-McFadu.jpg Kelly's 100 Baby House Kadu-McFadu Trait TS4 Kindness Ambassador.png
This unique Queen Anne style house has all the amenities for Chelsea', Kasey's...uh, Kelly's growing family, including four full baths, home gym, gardening area, and a toddler room with its own ensuite bathroom. The home is filled with various types of skill-building activities for Kelly's brood and woohoo locations for when Kelly's in the mood.
66 6 Kelly's Treehouse Mansion SgtJanz.jpg Kelly's Treehouse Mansion SgtJanz Trait TS4 Kindness Ambassador.png
This boho-modern treehouse is the perfect home for a fun-loving, eccentric mom! The property comes fully equiped with everything our cheeky party-girl Kelly needs, including a dancefloor and bar high in the treetops! But, just like Kelly, this house is more than it seems... Is that a small draft coming from behind the bookcase? P.S. Don't worry Kelsey, the pirate playset is a fountain, not a pool :).
66 7 100 Baby Warehouse jennieandthebets.jpg 100 Baby Warehouse jennieandthebets Trait TS4 Toddler Independent.png
No one knows how Kelly was able to flip this old warehouse into her eclectic dream home while raising baller kids, but boy oh boy did she do a great job. Perfect for a party loving, kleptomatic, goofball, dance machine and her beautiful family, this home is ready to make some babies and family memories. Comes equipped with a teen hang out, home gym, skill building rooms, and secret lover's entrance.
66 8 The Unbreakable Home kyidyl628.jpg The Unbreakable Home kyidyl628 Trait TS4 Kindness Ambassador.png
I made this for the Kelsey's #100babys3 thingee. =D #Cottagecore on the outside, and sleek #modern design on the inside. Plenty of space for kids, toddler room on the bottom floor bc they can't deal with steps. And! I added almost entirely unbreakable/high reliability appliances so the ghosts cause fewer problems. I even made a cute graveyard for them around back. ^_^
66 9 The City Kids 2.0 mareum93.jpg The City Kids 2.0 mareum93 Trait TS4 Kindness Ambassador.png
Kelly and the kids have moved to the big city for new adventures and new romance! The Impiccishmay family now live in an old style town house that has been renovated with a modern art studio in the attic and romantic roof-top garden.
66 10 Central Perk itsLivSims.jpg Central Perk itsLivSims Trait TS4 Kindness Ambassador.png
Ok so hear me out. It's not a house but since the cast of Friends now lives among Kelly and the gang I thought why not add a classic landmark Central Perk (Gunther not included)! It's a fully functional cafe for Kelly to meet her new beaus !
66 11 Kelly's Cottagecore House Melanieee Drake.jpg Kelly's Cottagecore House Melanieee_Drake Trait TS4 Kindness Ambassador.png
Welcome to Kelly's cottagecore dream home. This house has no pool, no fireplace and of course no grill. But there are plenty of fun activities for the whole family. I'm sure the kids will love the tree house.
66 12 Whimsical XL Cottage foolishwise.jpg Whimsical XL Cottage foolishwise Trait TS4 Kindness Ambassador.png
Made larger then previous version. 4 kid beds, 3 toddler beds, an upstairs teen room with a double. The master is in a separate wing, but has quick access both downstairs and upstairs. Workspace for matriarch . Bakery case in toddler room. Easel and greenhouse for money. Lots of skill items, fitness room, playroom.
66 13 Kelly's CottageCore Dream edt olkien.jpg Kelly's CottageCore Dream edt_olkien Trait TS4 Kindness Ambassador.png
bb.moveobjects on! Made for Tail's End lot in #BrindletonBay. This sweet, unassuming #cottage will satisfy Kelly's desire for a bohemian lifestyle while still offering plenty of room for the kiddos and space for Kelly to dance like no one is watching! With a beautiful view of the bay and storage for all the swiped objects, this house is a haven for anyone who wouldn't mind making friends with the local strays.
66 14 Modern Mischief Mayhem SloanEG11.jpg Modern Mischief Mayhem SloanEG11 Trait TS4 Kindness Ambassador.png
The perfect location for Kelly's new start! This modern home features eye popping colors, bohemian vibes, and tons of activities for all ages. The top level is a office space reserved just for the new matriarch - complete with a hidden vault to stash away the family fortunes, plus any less-than-honestly gotten goods that may find their way home...


  • This episode was filmed around October 18, 2020, based on the date indicated on the newest uploaded lot in the Gallery.
  • In the comments under the episode, the creator of the winning lot, jennieandthebets, warned to delete the chimes placed above the beds because they may cause the toddlers to not be able to sleep well. Additionally, her username is an allusion to the Billboard no. 1 hit Bennie and the Jets (1973), a song by English singer Elton John.
  • Kelly's Cottagecore House is one of the most downloaded lots in the #100BABYS3 hashtag, from which the builds were featured in this episode. It was created by Melanieee_Drake. They were also the creator of Taffy Roberts, the pet dog of the Roberts household in Kelsey's Barbie series, and Fred Jenson, the father of Delilah and Danyel Impiccishmay.
  • HIGHER-DESIGN, the creator of this episode's runner-up house, Bohemian Beach House, is also the creator of The Hometown Hero, the fifth house of the Impiccishmay family, and Babytown, USA, the runner-up house in Picks a Fan's Home for Her Babies.



  • Kelsey Impicciche (producer)
  • Devon Joralmon (production coordinator)
  • Branden Smith (executive producer)
  • Dallen Detamore (camera and sound)
  • Michael Guttierez (post production coordinator)
  • Cheska Bacaltos (social publishing strategist)
  • Adrian Rosales (social publishing strategist)
  • Jessica Luu (editor)


  1. BuzzFeed Multiplayer. (2020, November 7). Single girl picks a fan's house for her 100 babies in The Sims 4 | Part 66 [Video file]. YouTube. Retrieved from

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