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I Had 100 Babies (In Sims 4) is a song recorded by Twitch streamer Kelsey Impicciche, written and produced by Mitch Van Bree and Jesse Hartov. It was released on March 27, 2021 on YouTube, featured in the finale of the 100 Baby Challenge LP. It became available on Spotify and Apple Music on April 26, 2021.


Moved to Del Sol Valley
Just a girl and her dream
To have a lovely family
A kid or two it seemed
But then something compelled me
To have a couple more
So I had a hundred babies
I had a hundred babies in Sims 4

[Verse 1a]
First came baby Olive
And though she looked quite mean
The sweetest baby angel
That I had ever seen!
But then the kids kept coming
There were three, then six, then more!
Turns out we were headin’
For full-blown Toddmageddon in Sims 4

[Verse 1b]
Hard to keep my head on straight
With my children all around
Twin vampires, a klepto,
One was eaten by a Cow ...plant
So many times I peed myself
and passed out on the floor
It’s a hard life bein’ a matriarch
For two years in Sims 4

[Verse 1c]
I thought I’d play the field
But then along came Craig
A beautiful Dream Daddy
For this Impiccishmay
And later on came Ryder
The nerdy boy next door
Grew up to be so handsome,
romantic, and self-assured
All in Sims 4

[Verse 2a]
So many children to create
Had to date so many men
I struck out with Aladdin
But scored with Spider-Man (Tom Holland)
At first I had some boundaries
Some lines I wouldn’t cross
But eventually got desperate
And WooHoo’d with Santa Claus

[Bridge 1]
I wasn’t always perfect
And life can be so cruel
Sometimes the birthday boy dies
While swimming in the pool

[Verse 2b]
So many kids I can’t keep straight
Nearly pulled out all my hair
An alien, a demon,
No time to chill in yellow chairs
I made some garden salad
And then I made some more
It’s a hard life bein’ a matriarch
For two years in Sims 4

[Bridge 2]
She did it
(I did it)
She did it
(I did it)
How many?
(One hun-der-ed!)
One hundred what?
(One hundred babies, baby yeah!)

[Verse 3]
I nearly lost my mind but I found so much joy
In raising every baby girl and baby boy
I had a hundred babies

[Outro 1]
And now
I’m saying goodbye
And now
I’m saying goodbye
My babies flew the nest
Now the matriarch can rest
And now I’m saying goodbye

[Verse 4]
Kelly, Kasey, Chelsea
All one hundred babies
Thank you for the memories
The challenge now is through
When you think of me
I hope it turns your plumbobs green
I’ll keep you in my heart forever more

[Outro 2]
I had a hundred babies
Who I loved and adored
I had a hundred babies
In Sims 4

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