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Kelsey gave a shoutout to this wiki in Part 57 and Part 73 of her 100 Baby Challenge LP and in her Twitch stream on December 8, 2020.


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Single Girl Tries the 100 Baby Challenge in The Sims 4 is an American web series created and produced by Kelsey Impicciche. It premiered on the BuzzFeed Multiplayer YouTube channel on December 20, 2018.

The 100 Baby Challenge, on the other hand, is a challenge in The Sims community in which a female Sim gives birth to 100 babies from different parents in as few generations as possible.

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Craig Slater is the husband of Chelsea Impiccishmay and the father of Charlie. His creator, podguisan, uploaded him to the Gallery for Part 3. He is a reference to Craig Cahn, one of the bachelors in the dating simulator game Dream Daddy.

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