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Welcome to Kelsey Impicciche's Sims Wiki

Welcome to KelseyDangerous Wiki

A database about the lore developed in Kelsey's The Sims LP's

Keeping up with the Berry's

Follow the lives of the colorful family in Kelsey's legacy challenge

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Meet the Impiccishmays

A recap of Kelsey's first 100 babies in The Sims

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Occult Baby Challenge

Chelsea Impiccicshmay is back on Kelsey's newest The Sims LP

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This site is a collaborative encyclopedia dedicated to Twitch streamer, Kelsey Impicciche, documenting everything related to her about The Sims 4. It currently has 62,702 edits, 6,186 pages, and 888 articles since January 23, 2019.
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Did you know ... From this month's featured article

  • ... that the 100 Baby Challenge used to be called The Cheesechake Challenge?
  • ... that Kelsey prefers Maxis match over alpha CC?
  • ... that Kelsey has a cover of I See the Light from Tangled (2010) on YouTube?
  • ... that Kelsey has a parody of Taylor Swift's Bad Blood on YouTube?
  • ... that the 100 Baby Warehouse was based from a build by The Sims YouTuber lilsimsie?
  • ... that Harry Impiccishmay only lived for 18 days?
  • ... that although Chelsea and Siobhan Fyres never interacted, she banged both Siobhan's father and ex-boyfriend, Dominic Fyres and Sergio Romeo, respectively?
  • ... that Olive and Oliver have the same birthday, nine years apart?
  • ... that Sai Ramesh, the old man who interrupted Kelly's date with Whitney Miller in Has Twin Boys, was Romeo and Caesar's father?
  • ... that Caron Simmons was supposed to be named "Cameron Simmons," according to his creator?

Chance Turner.png
Chance Turner is the father of twins Nova and Freya Impiccishmay. His creator, Simserelly, uploaded him to the Gallery for Reviews Fan Submitted Daddies (Part 3) along with the other members of the Lockhart household. He lived in Willow Creek with his roommates, Korbin Sherwood, Nathan Lockhart, and Eddie Rains. He was a food stall vendor who worked at the Spice Market in San Myshuno. Chelsea met him in Nurtures an Alien while she was out with Jaime for the weekend.

The following week, Chelsea invited Chance to her house to prepare the next babies. While the two were WooHooing, Theo suddenly intruded the room and stood near the bed. Dorian, on the other hand, nonchalantly walked in and out the en-suite bathroom door. Shortly, Tristen entered as well to use the PC. Later, when the kids were sleeping, Kelsey reflected, "You know, you're not an Impiccishmay if you don't walk in on your mom WooHooing apparently."

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