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The following contains a glossary of terms related to The Sims 4 challenges.

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100 Baby Challenge
The 100 Baby Challenge is a challenge in The Sims in which a female Sim gives birth to 100 babies in as few generations as possible.


active household
The active household refers to the household being played in live mode.


The donor refers to a gender-neutral term for a Sim who impregnates the matriarch in the 100 Baby Challenge.


Father Winter
The Father Winter is a type of role Sim who visits the active household during Winterfest. The game usually assigns non-occult male Sims in the Elderly life stage as Father Winters. They possess the hidden trait trait_HolidayTradition_FatherWinter that renders them immune to death in any form.
The founder refers to the first matriarch or patriarch of a challenge in The Sims.


inherited trait
Inherited traits are traits passed down by Sims through generations. They are acquired from having one or more parent possessing them at the time of conception. Examples of inherited traits are Father Winter's Baby and Strong Bloodline.


legacy challenge
The legacy challenge is a challenge in The Sims created by Pinstar in which the player plays the game for 10 generations.
life stage
A life stage is the age of a Sim. The life stages in The Sims 4 are Baby, Toddler, Child, Teen, Young adult, Adult, Elder.
life state
A life state is a classification of a Sim's identity. Examples of life states in The Sims 4 are vampires, mermaids, spellcasters, and aliens.


Manage Households
The Manage Households window is found at the upper right corner of the screen in Manage Worlds. It enables the player to manage between played and unplayed households.
Manage Worlds
Pressing F5 will send the player to Manage Worlds where player can add, delete, replace, or merge households.
A matriarch refers to a feminine term for a Sim eligible to participate in a challenge in The Sims.
MC Command Center (MCCC)
MC Command Center is a mod created by deaderpool which enables the player to have more control with certain aspects of gameplay in The Sims 4. Using this mod is not against the 100 Baby Challenge rules as long as it does not give the player an unfair advantage (e.g. toggling the options to allow more than eight Sims in a household). For instance, this mod can be used to help the player know more about the changes regarding the moved out children (e.g. if they get married, they have their own children, or they age up).


non-active household
Non-active households refer to all the households which are not being played in live mode.
Not So Berry Challenge
The Not So Berry Challenge is a legacy challenge in The Sims 4 created by Sims Youtuber lilsimsie.


A patriarch refers to a masculine term for a Sim eligible to participate in a challenge in The Sims.
pollination technician
Introduced in The Sims 2, a pollination technician is an alien Sim who implants alien embryo on male Sims. Using third party mods, pollination technicians can become able to make female Sims pregnant as well.


role Sim
A role Sim is a type of NPC assigned in a game save to perform specific background characters. Examples of role Sims are paparazzi, Father Winter, Sage of Practical Magic, Sage of Untamed Magic, and Grim Reaper.


service Sim
A service Sim is a type of NPC assigned in a game save to be called upon by the active Sim to perform specific tasks. Examples of service Sims are maid, firefighter, and repairman.
story progression
Story progression is a game feature introduced in The Sims 3. It enables unplayed households to form relationships with other Sims, give birth to children, and join or switch career tracks. It is yet to be included in The Sims 4, although there are related third-party mods available.


Todmageddon is a term coined by Kelsey Impicciche for when there are four or more toddlers in a household and none is near aging up. It is a portmanteau of "toddler" and the 1998 American disaster film Armageddon.