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The following lists all the featured houses in the 100 Baby Challenge LP.

Part 20[]

Main article: House episode (Part 20)
No. Lot name Creator Result
1 Liliac anitathesims Featured
2 baby factory 2.0 Periperim Featured
3 The Baby Factory 2.0 linds211787 Featured
4 Yellow Chairs ;) RebeccaOscarSims Featured
5 House Impiccishmay 2 langert Featured
6 Modern Baby Factory Ohkay91 Featured
7 Impiccishmay Baby Co. LLC Zarubavella Featured
8 100 Baby Challenge Pink! MeghPixel Featured
9 The New Baby Factory AnnaBlazes Featured
10 Baby Factory #2 lildimplz21 Featured
11 Midtown Meadows anitathesims Featured
12 Chez Sloth - PotatoKing Second_To_Nunn91 Featured
13 hello boysssss ca11um_027 Featured
14 Babymaking factory deluxe Ninnypop00 Won
15 Ragdoll Refurb somethingquirkyK Featured
16 Baby Factory WooHoo Floor Girlykins Featured

Part 33[]

Main article: House episode (Part 33)
No. Lot name Creator Result
1 ~ Kaseys Baby Factory ~ rikkedonkii Featured
2 Modern Baby House BeccaTownSims Featured
3 Kasey New Modern Home Filx42 Featured
4 the funhouse of kids Player_hu95f7ws Featured
5 Kaseys cloud 9 dream home prunebob Won
6 Babytown, USA HIGHER-DESIGN Runner-up
7 Thats The Teal Sis! SuperMiniPapaya Featured
8 Sunny-Side Suburban BeccaTownSims Featured
9 The Impiccishmay house Greccula Featured
10 Kasey's Blue/Purple Home xoniataylor Featured
11 The Modern Baby Factory Whitegirlon8st Featured
12 BabyFactory; Kasey Style victorialottie Featured
13 Kasey's Baby Factory zero_doll999 Featured
14 Boots knock, cradle rocks BeccaTownSims Featured

Part 41[]

Main article: House episode (Part 41)
No. Lot name Creator Result
1 Kelsey 100 baby challenge Filippa_Petter Featured
2 Modern Mansion Sakatax Featured
3 Family Estate 8MaddyElizabeth Featured
4 The Hometown Hero HIGHER-DESIGN Won
5 100 Baby Home olivialee23 Featured
6 Kasey New Baby Factory LoveSimplySim Runner-up
7 Contemporary Modern morganhanson13 Featured
8 Kasey's Baby Factory Sunshine0005 Runner-up
9 Kasey's 100 Baby Factory linds211787 Featured
10 BowChickaBowWow BabyMaker CuppyCup22 Featured
11 Kasey 100 Baby home addieawesome Featured
12 Kasey's Baby Factory bbdotplay Featured

Part 53[]

Main article: House episode (Part 53)
No. Lot name Creator Result
1 SUBURBAN FAMILY HOME oliviahawker6183 Featured
2 Kasey's Hollywood Mansion Wolfie249 Featured
3 Quarantine Classic alilcactus Featured
4 Family Factory smubuhcakes Featured
5 WeBackBabyS2 RPGEEimTired Featured
6 Farm-House Baby Factory AdSemper Featured
7 The Green House sheldon412 Featured
8 Baby Blue Family Home Creeblez Featured
9 Baby Factory Deluxe Goofluff Featured
10 Base Game Baby Haven Simsbrarian Featured
11 Back and Better than Ever cporter1997 Featured
12 let's farm some babies! nickoleel Featured
13 Baby Factory Reloaded Michellex21 Won
14 Mid C Mod 100 Baby House jaim_mal Featured

Part 66[]

Main article: House episode (Part 66)
No. Lot name Creator Result
1 Large Modern Farmhouse letmeplay572 Featured
2 Bohemian Beach House HIGHER-DESIGN Runner-up
3 Kelly's Quaint Cottage MaureenKeagan Featured
4 KELLYS NEW PLACE 2 woohoo lauraferrarih Featured
5 Kelly's 100 Baby House Kadu-McFadu Featured
6 Kelly's Treehouse Mansion SgtJanz Featured
7 100 Baby Warehouse jennieandthebets Won
8 The Unbreakable Home kyidyl628 Featured
9 The City Kids 2.0 mareum93 Featured
10 Central Perk itsLivSims Featured
11 Kelly's Cottagecore House Melanieee_Drake Featured
12 Whimsical XL Cottage foolishwise Featured
13 Kelly's CottageCore Dream edt_olkien Featured
14 Modern Mischief Mayhem SloanEG11 Featured

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